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Lilacs in bloom herald the coming of summer. A sweet smelling, intense floral fragrance.

Naturally Simple

Our handmade soy candles are a healthier, more natural alternative to those made with paraffin wax. Soy is a renewable energy source and it is grown right here in the USA. It burns cleaner (non-toxic) than paraffin so it is safe for the environment and it will not stain your walls or ceilings. Soy wax also burns longer than paraffin, allowing you to enjoy these aromas for up to 84 hours. Our fragrances contain essential oil blends that will enhance any room in your home.

“I've now purchased over a dozen candles from here - elegant, clean, and exciting scents that fill my entire home."



We care about our planet. Less waste is a good thing! That is why we recommend upcycling the glass jar or container once the candle is gone. Some ideas: food storage, drinking glasses, organizing office supplies - pens, pencils, paper clips, rubber bands, beauty supplies. Use your imagination. The possibilities are endless. The easiest way to clean the jar is to place it in the freezer. Once the wax is frozen it can be chipped out. The jar can then be cleaned in the dishwasher or in warm soapy water.





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