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Warehouse Atelier has worked on numerous projects in the past. Here's our most recent ones:


Castle Hill Chocolate, Newtown CT

Owner, Erica Sullivan, who artfully combined her passion for creativity with her love of culinary arts, created a unique and  delicious experience. Castle Hill Chocolate was founded in 2016 by accomplished cake designer and chocolatier. Wrenhouse Atelier collaborated with Erica in 2021 to create a chocolate scented candle that mimicked the chocolate aroma in her shop. You can shop there and find it on the shelves even today!



Client gifts

Balanced Pilates


Janosov & Roche Law Firm

Gift Baskets: 

Coach Cathy

Goat Boy Soap


Liv It Up Foundation

Olivia D’Addario - 3 Custom Scents + Labels

Olivia came to the workshop and  picked out her favorite scents. We poured candles and used the artwork on the labels. December 2021 Liv’s Hibiscus Palm, December 2022 - Lavender and Cream to go with painting Purple Happy and Citrus Cedar to go with painting Rainbow Love.


More about Liv, her artwork and the foundation HERE.


Custom scents

Vita Vi

Happily Eva After

Hour Lake

Castle Hill

Beachy Breeze Fibers 

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